Uncategorized 2014 Home Buyers New Years Resolutions 2014 Home Buyers New Year Resolutions    1) Pull credit- this will give you a better understanding of where your credit score is before you meet with a lender. This will be helpful when shopping for lenders.    2) Maintain or improve your credit- Typically a score above 750 is an "excellent borrower". If you're not quite […]
Uncategorized SunCrest (Draper City) Snow Removal Info Snow Removal Overview of Services: Snow removal crews are prepared to remove snow from November 1st through May 30th, 24 hours a day, if necessary.  Crews will be called out after two inches of snow has accumulated on the roads.  They will strive to achieve bare pavement on all first priority roads within 24 hours following […]
Uncategorized SunCrest Market Update – November
Uncategorized SunCrest Market Update – August
Uncategorized SunCrest Market Update – June
Uncategorized 2013 SunCrest Pool Hours   Please remember the NORMAL hours and can change at any time, without notice. Call the SunCrest OA to verify hours if you have questions. What a great community pool. If you haven't been yet, the pool boasts a lazy river, water slide, hot tub, life guards, music, and great company 🙂 
Uncategorized SunCrest Market Update – May
Uncategorized Big Changes to FHA Loans   The 3.5% down payment on FHA loans could be more expensive for buyers than expected. Beginning April 1, 2013, the mortgage insurance premium will go up by .1% to 1.35% which may not even be noticeable to most would-be homeowners.   The staggering increase will occur on 6/3/2013 when FHA’s policy on the duration […]
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Uncategorized November Market Update   I can’t help but continue to notice all the positive things I am reading about our local housing market. We are now at a 4.5 month supply of inventory (This means if no new homes were listed, it would take us 4.5 months to sell our current inventory. 4-6 is considered a sellers market). […]
Uncategorized Cost of Waiting a Year Thinking about waiting a year to buy? May want to rethink, it could cost you. The above graphic shows both the projected appreciation* and projected interest rate*. What would you do with an extra $127.87 a month ($1,546 a year!)?    *nar.com, marketwatch.com
Uncategorized SunCrest Market Update – October
Uncategorized Where are mortgage rates headed? This is one of the most common questions folks ask me. Where are rates going? What will happen after the election? What will happen after the holidays? What will happen next year? Should I wait to see if they go lower? Should I buy now before the go higher?    Below is a fantastic article […]
Uncategorized A Step Ahead Utah is a step ahead. Our local market continues show improvement in just about every measure. September data shows we are on track towards recovery. ·       Pending Sales: Up 22% from same period last year. ·       5 consecutive months of gains (first time since 2007 5 STRAIGHT gains!) ·       Median Sales Price: Up 10% from […]
Uncategorized Fall Maintenance Here are some helpful hints to get your home ready for Fall and Winter.  Stabilize the mower/other gas powered yard tools-  If your mower sits for months at a time, gas can deteriorate and damage internal engine parts. Purchase fuel stabilizer (about $10) and add to gasoline powered engines that will be hibernating for the […]
Uncategorized September Headlines   Its hard not to notice all the headlines this month. Of 20 major metro markets evaluated, more than 3 quarters of those markets are showing increases in prices and decreases in inventory. This is having a positive influence on our housing recovery. Distressed property inventory is also decreasing, according the National Association of Realtors, […]
Uncategorized September – Time to Sell?   The above graph was taken from the National Association of Realtors and represents national numbers. Likewise, here in Utah, we are experiencing very similiar numbers. In second quarter of 2012, for the first time in 5 years, the median single family home price increase 6%(*slrealtor.com) year over year. Our current inventory has continued to […]