Uncategorized January 4, 2014

2014 Home Buyers New Years Resolutions

2014 Home Buyers New Year Resolutions 
1) Pull credit- this will give you a better understanding of where your credit score is before you meet with a lender. This will be helpful when shopping for lenders. 
2) Maintain or improve your credit- Typically a score above 750 is an "excellent borrower". If you're not quite there, meeting with a lender or credit repair specialist to improve your credit score can change your loan options and amount down. Its usually best to pay off bills in full each month and maintain multiple different types of credit. (Credit card, car loan, unsecured loan, etc…) 
3) Establish a team- Its never too early begin working with a team consisting of a lender, realtor, escrow officer, tax preparer, etc… Each will provide valuable informaion that will be useful when purchasing. Whether your 6 weeks or 6 months out, preparing now will help position you better when you're ready to buy. I love taking in new buyers and forming a specific game plan to fit their time frame. Looking at inventory now will help buyers better understand the market, its pricing, and how long homes are staying availble.