Customer for Life!

I'll be a customer for life! Scott Steadman helped make my first time home purchase a great experience. Everything was perfect.

Great Advocate

Scott Steadman is a great advocate and we were very blessed to have his professionalism and expertise to rely on through this difficult process. Thanks Scott!

Exceeded Our Expectations

No-everything was excellent. Robyn & Scott exceeded our expectations. It was a pleasure working with them! We asked a home owner why they chose this agent. They spoke highly of their reputation & experiences of other home owners in our neighborhood.

Scott is the Best

Scott is the Best. Would recommend him to everyone!

Scott was Fantastic!

Thank you!

No Stress

Scott Steadman made buying my first house a complete joy. There was no stress. I could not have asked for a better experience. He deserves a raise or any promotion available! Be good to him because he could be running this place one day. He is that good at his job!

One Step Ahead

Scott Steadman was amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better agent or experience. We began the process while living out of country & Scott was one step ahead of us the whole way. He quickly gained our trust and never let us down.

He Listened

He beyond normal response compared to how most agent would treat you. Scott Steadman made us feel important. He listened to what we wanted!!!


Scott was the Best to work with! He worked really hard to get me into my home & I couldn't be more happy! He was there for me 24/7 and made sure I knew what I was getting into! Thank you!

There for me 24/7

Scott was the best to work with! He worked really hard to get me into my home & I couldn't be more happy! He was there for me 24/7 & made sure I knew what I was getting into! Thank you!

Don't Believe Anything Could Have Been Done Better

I don't believe anything could have been done better. My grandson referred me - Scott sold him home and helped his mother find a home.

Scott Was Excellent

Scott was excellent. He was able to handle both of our strong personalities. He was also very patient and added some humour. He and his partner delivered superior customer service. Thanks so much!

Highly Recommended!

Robyn Foulger & Scott Steadman exude excellence, professionalism & warmth. Highly recommended!

Knowledge & Professionalism

We greatly appreciated Scott Steadman's knowledge & high level of professionalism. Best real estate experience we have ever experienced!

Very Professional

Scott is very professional & I'm grateful for him!

Will definitely use Scott again!

Scott has been so helpful in our home buying - made it so much easier and more comfortable - will definitely use him again and recommend him as well!

Guided me very well on making my first home purchase

Scott was very knowledgeable about the real estate market and guided me very well on making my first home purchase. I really appreciate Scott's knowledge, professionalism, and frequent communications in making the purchase successful. Unlike other agents, Scott kept incontact after the closing and still offers great support and advice- Thank you Scott!

An absolute joy to work with!

Scott was an absolute joy to work with! We really put him through the wringer on this one, but he was always calm and in control. His knowledge was obvious as well as his caring for his customers' needs. Thank You!

Greatest Prof's & now friends!

Robyn Folger & Scott Steadman are the greatest prof's & now friends!