Hidden Canyon Estates, Mercer Mountain Estates and Lakeview Heights

There’s more development in motion in SunCrest! Recently, Draper City Council approved a master development agreement regarding the properties known as Hidden Canyon Estates, Mercer Mountain Estates and Lakeview Heights.

Hidden Canyon Estates

Located adjacent to the Stoneleigh Heights Townhomes and the future Edelweiss development, the agreement allows up to 300 single-family homes with a minimum lot requirement of 7,500 sq. ft. The developer will contribute $500,0000 towards the construction of trails/trailhead in either the first or second phase.

Mercer Mountain Estates

This 20-acre parcel, acquired in the Zion’s Bank acquisition, will be limited to 50 single-family homes with a minimum lot requirement of 12,000 sq. ft. The agreement will allow for a gated community if desired and all roads within MME will be private streets.

Lakeview Heights

This 20-acre parcel, commonly referred to as the “concrete jungle,” was also acquired in the Zion’s Bank acquisition. This parcel will allow townhomes or condos and be limited to 160 units and all roads within LH will be private streets. 

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April SunCrest Market Update

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March SunCrest Market Update

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(Former) DR Horton Sales Center is SOLD!

…To the highest bidder. Which unfortunately, was not the HOA. In case you missed the most recent HOA meeting, Tod Bean and our Board of Trustees updated the residents on the status of the (former) DR Horton Sales Office. 

At HOA meeting, it was communicated that the HOA was in conversations to acquire the building but talks failed to materialize. The HOA stated they made several attempts to negotiate with DR Horton and raised their offer (undisclosed) multiple times. The HOA stated they felt they had an agreement with DR Horton only to hear back from DR Horton that they received a higher (presumptively) bid. 

The sale of the building includes the access road(s) to the clubhouse, the parking stalls located on the East side of Village Green Drive, and East side of the parking lot in front of the community clubhouse. According to the Wasatch Front Regional MLS, the property sold for $490,000.

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December SunCrest Market Update

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Hike and Bike Park near Little Valley

Construction on the hike and bike park near little valley has begun. 

An recent article from the Draper Journal indicates:

'Little Valley, located off Traverse Road at about 1500 East, has been chosen as the site for the family-oriented mountain biking and walking trails park.

The area offers some steepness and would accommodate future parking, according to McDonald. The trails are planned to have switchbacks and other features designed to teach the etiquette involved in mountain biking and signage explaining how to use the trails. The proposed park would also cater to intermediate level mountain bikers.

…The park and trails would happen in phases, with the first phase being the trail, a trailhead with a kiosk, and educational aspects including obstacles on the trail. In addition, there are plans to have volunteers at the park occasionally to help beginning mountain bikers.

The second phase would be parking and other access.

'The city will help with the engineering, parks and trails with the design, then with crews, volunteers and in-kind help, we will get the trails done,' McDonald said.'


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SunCrest bus stops changes

Effective November 11th, bus stop locations have changed in SunCrest. 

These changes mean:
1. All students have been assigned to a specific stop and are expected to use that stop.
2. All students should be at the stop location at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
3. The drivers will not be waiting. They will stop, load students, and move on to the next stop.

The map below shows the stop locations and the areas they will serve. For example: if you live in the yellow area your assigned stop is the yellow stop. 

For more information about other schools please contact what ever school your child attends. Thank you.  

Ridgeline Elementary-(801) 717-4515

Timberline Middle School-(801) 610-8765

Lone Peak High School-(801) 717-4568

You can view the new bus stop locations and times here. 

In response to complaints from residents, KUTV News reported on the story. Builder DR Horton revisited their original stance and has since said the bus stop can return back to its original location. 

You can view the news story here. 


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Draper City to Appoint TRSSD Administrative Control Board

At the September 30th Draper City Council meeting the Council unanimously approved adopting an ordinace establishing the Traverse Ridge Special Service District Administrative Control Board.  Draper City has issued the following memo:

Draper City Mayor Troy Walker is seeking five registered voters who reside within the Traverse Ridge Special Service District (TRSSD) to serve on the newly created TRSSD Administrative Control Board.  The new board will be independently responsible for providing applicable TRSSD services to the district, such as snow plowing, and managing the associated budget.  Any qualified individual who is interested in serving on this board should submit a one page resume and a one page letter of interest to the Draper City Recorder, Rachelle Conner (rachelle.conner@draper.ut.us), by noon on Friday, October 3, 2014.  Mayor Troy Walker intends to appoint five board members, with the advice and consent of the Draper City Council, at the Tuesday, October 7, 2014 city council meeting. 

Questions regarding this matter can be directed to the city manager, David Dobbins, at david.dobbins@draper.ut.us or at 801-576-6523.

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September SunCrest Market Update

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Proposed Plat for Edelweiss Development

Our understanding from previous Draper City meetings and information from the developer is that they wish to be included with SunCrest HOA and have also expressed interest in being annexed into the TRSSD. Our understanding is that it's a multi year buildout plan with town homes, cottage style homes, and larger 1/4-1/3+ acre lots with around 180 units in total. 

Click here to view the proposed plat and zoing request. 

There will be a public hearing at Draper City Hall, 1020 East Pioneer Road, on August 28, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. Inquiries may contact Dan Boles at the Draper City offices, 801-576-6335.

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