SunCrest February 19, 2014

Proposed Public Works Facility (Salt Dome) in SunCrest

At the February 18 City Council meeting Draper City officials discussed plans for a proposed Public Works Substation (aka Salt Dome) located in SunCrest. Similar plans were presented before Draper City and discussed at a Board of Trustees meeting (aka SunCrest Hoa) in 2013. The talks and plans for the Substation appeared to have halted publicly after concerns of the Substation’s impact in SunCrest from SunCrest residents.

At the present time, two structures are being proposed. The first, would serve as the Substation and storage for salt. The second, a 1,000 gallon fuel station. The proposed Substation would be paid from the Traverse Ridge Special Service District fund. This is a tax that SunCrest homeowners pay for “elevation related issues” based on their homes value.

Draper City Council agreed at the February 18th meeting to move forward with gathering input from SunCrest residents in an open house style forum. No date for the meeting has been set at this time.  

Below is a site map, building sketch, interior view, and Draper City's cost breakdown of the proposed facility including Draper City's estimated time to payback the facilty.