SunCrest November 18, 2014

SunCrest bus stops changes

Effective November 11th, bus stop locations have changed in SunCrest. 

These changes mean:
1. All students have been assigned to a specific stop and are expected to use that stop.
2. All students should be at the stop location at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
3. The drivers will not be waiting. They will stop, load students, and move on to the next stop.

The map below shows the stop locations and the areas they will serve. For example: if you live in the yellow area your assigned stop is the yellow stop. 

For more information about other schools please contact what ever school your child attends. Thank you.  

Ridgeline Elementary-(801) 717-4515

Timberline Middle School-(801) 610-8765

Lone Peak High School-(801) 717-4568

You can view the new bus stop locations and times here. 

In response to complaints from residents, KUTV News reported on the story. Builder DR Horton revisited their original stance and has since said the bus stop can return back to its original location. 

You can view the news story here.