Uncategorized April 9, 2014

Proposed Hike and Bike park in Little Valley

An recent article from the Draper Journal indicates:

'Little Valley, located off Traverse Road at about 1500 East, has been chosen as the site for the family-oriented mountain biking and walking trails park.

The area offers some steepness and would accommodate future parking, according to McDonald. The trails are planned to have switchbacks and other features designed to teach the etiquette involved in mountain biking and signage explaining how to use the trails. The proposed park would also cater to intermediate level mountain bikers.

…The park and trails would happen in phases, with the first phase being the trail, a trailhead with a kiosk, and educational aspects including obstacles on the trail. In addition, there are plans to have volunteers at the park occasionally to help beginning mountain bikers.

The second phase would be parking and other access.

'The city will help with the engineering, parks and trails with the design, then with crews, volunteers and in-kind help, we will get the trails done,' McDonald said.'