Uncategorized February 4, 2015

Draper City declares 20-acres of SunCrest area land as surplus

Draper City APPROVES 20-acre surplus property in SunCrest. Councilmen Bill Colbert, a SunCrest resident, was the only council member voting against it. 

After the comments from the few in attendance who spoke during the public comment portion, City council spoke providing a brief history and their comments.  

Among the main points: 

-This 20-acre parcel is part of a proposed settlement agreement from a lawsuit between David K Mast/DJ Investment Group LLC and Draper City. 

-City council explained many proposals went back and forth including different parcels and this parcel is what both parties have agreed in principal to. The other parcels or other alternatives that may have been part of the negotiations were not disclosed. Declaring this parcel as surplus is formality so they can convey this property if they settlement agreement continues to move forward.

– Council explained that this lawsuit has taken massive amounts of time and money. Council explained they could negotiate a settlement agreement or at this point go to a grand jury. Council explained in assessing the potential risk of losing the lawsuit and incurring further costs for the city, this parcel and other terms of the settlement is a better route.  

– Councilmen Stenquist made the comment that he feels the City has been 'extorted.'  

– City Council explained that in relation to 'what could have been' with the original master agreement, this area would have been houses anyway. 

– Improvements to the water system are already underway and will be able to handle this and other privately owned developments. 

– Council does not feel like this is setting a future precedence for potential lawsuits or developments by giving away SunCrest land. 

– This parcel would belong to the TRSSD.

– Councilmen Colbert has previously noted the 20-acre parcel that was also declared as surplus by the City in 2014 known as the 'Concrete Jungle', would also be included.

– Over 2 years after the purchase from Zions Bank, Draper City recently hired a consultant to develop a master plan for open space.