SunCrest June 22, 2013

Board of Trustees Meeting Recap (June 19th 2013)



School Bus- Draper City is continuing to work with Alpine School district to formulate a better drop off/pick up system. Their intent is to have a new location (close to the Community Center) by Fall.

Sidewalk to Stoneleigh Heights phase 3 – Currently there is no "safe" way to get to the 3rd phase of the townhome community. City council members in attendance agreed this is a serious problem and will address in upcoming city council meetings and will address as soon as they can to help ensure pedestrian safety.

The parking strip at the intersection of Traverse Ridge Road and SunCrest Drive (where they eliminated the free right turn) will be undergoing a beautification project. Originally Draper City had planned on completing the project by Spring, but now hopes to have the project completed by the end of Summer. Original plans were thought to include a bike rest area with benches/tables, grass, flowers, and trees, but the councilmen in attendance couldn’t confirm the future plans. This project will NOT be coming out of TRSSD funds.

Items on the Agenda:

Lot C&D- As discussed at our annual meeting, the overwhelming #1 response was to have a basketball/multiuse court. The plans include a 190×100 court that will have 6 hoops. Conduit will be run for electrical for potential future use. Tod Bean will be soliciting bids and hopes to have the projected completed within 2 months.

Salt Structure – This topic generated the most comments from the residents in attendance. For years, both Draper City and the HOA have investigated the idea of having a salt dome within SunCrest boundaries. In recent years, salt has just been dumped and stored at the SunCrest market. Draper city has approved preliminary plans and site for a salt structure. The approximate 6,000 square foot facility is slated to be constructed below Oak Summit and Longbranch Drive in the flat clearing currently there. Draper City staff on hand for the meeting indicated this location was "ideal" as it will serve as a central point for trucks to fill salt. Staff indicated this site was one of many sites studied but this was the best location because of its accessible flat terrain and central location within SunCrest. Staff indicated that salt would be stocked during the day to help minimize noise and traffic. Draper city staff and city council members on hand said they hope this will be more efficient and timelier. Many residents on hand expressed concern of its residential location, added traffic, view interruption, and noise. Draper city panning commission will be holding open meetings for residents to express comments/concerns. For those interested, you may email your comments to our City Councilmen/Board of Trustees.

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SunCrest Market- Draper City has been looking for an interested party to lease the SunCrest market and it appears they have found one! The tenant is currently going through their due diligence.  They anticipated if all goes well, they hope to see it open within with 2 months. Plans are for a general market and sandwich shop. Exciting news for SunCrest residents!